Melisron is headed by CEO Avi Levi, Deputy CEO Moshe Rozenblum, CFO Ophir Sarid and COO Felix Shufman, who work hand in hand with the company’s team of professionals with unparalleled expertise, and a solid track record of innovation, and experience gained over more than 35 years of developing many of Israel’s most successful shopping centers.

Avi Levi

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Levy joined the Ofer Group as a finance manager in 1980, shortly after completing his internship in accounting. In 2002, he was appointed CEO of the Ofer real estate group, and a director in several group companies. Under Mr. Levy’s management, Ofer Investments assumed calculated risks and performed two of the largest real-estate transactions in Israel’s history: The first was the acquisition of the country’s most exclusive shopping mall, Ramat Aviv Mall, valued at NIS 1.5 billion at the time. The second was acquisition of a controlling interest in British Israel, the largest shopping mall company in Israel at the time, which owned 25 shopping malls and office complexes. In 2012, Mr. Levy was appointed CEO of Melisron, Israel’s largest shopping mall company and Ofer Investments’ main holding. Under Mr. Levy, Melisron grew to a market cap of more than NIS 8.5 billion. Over the past 10 years, Melisron yielded higher returns than any other shares traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Market. Mr. Avi Levy is a certified public accountant. He holds a BA in economics and accounting and an MBA. Mr. Levy is an active member of the CEOs in Israel Forum.

Moshe Rosenblum

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Head of Mall Operations

Mr. Moshe Rosenblum is an international consultant on shopping mall planning, marketing, and management. He is an industrial and management engineer by profession, graduated from the Technion, and is a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). Mr. Rosenblum has served as Head of Mall Operations since 2009. Before the acquisition of British Israel Investments, Mr. Rosenblum headed British Israel’s shopping mall division. He previously held various executive positions, including manager of ILDC’s (ILDC, also known as Hachsharat Hayishuv) shopping malls in Israel and overseas, including the successful Seven Star Mall in Herzliya; CEO of Arim Mall in Kfar Saba and Hakiryon Mall, and many others. He also served as a consultant to numerous shopping mall construction projects in Israel including the Ramat Aviv Mall, Haifa Grand Mall, and Petah Tikva Grand Mall, and consulted to Israeli developers on the development, marketing and management projects of shopping malls overseas.

Felix Shufman

Chief Business Development Officer

Felix Shufman is a certified real estate actuary and has a B.A. in Administration and Economics from Tel Aviv University. Mr. Shufman has held the position of Deputy CEO for Development and Business Initiatives in the company since 2005. Since 2012, Mr. Shufman has held the position of Deputy CEO for Development and Business Initiatives at Melisron – Israel’s leading company for shopping malls and commercial centers that holds income-yielding properties with a value of 14.5 billion shekels. Prior to this, from 2005, Mr. Shufman was the Deputy CEO for Business Development for British Israel, which merged with Melisron. In his present position, Mr. Shufman is responsible for activities aimed at developing and improving real estate valuations as well as the purchase and sale of the company’s assets. Mr. Shufman is a lecturer at the Interdisciplinary Center in a real-estate promotion and management workshop.

Ophir Sarid

Chief Finance Officer

Mr. Sarid has served as Melisron’s CFO since 2011. In this position, Mr. Sarid manages and oversees the preparation of the company’s financial statements, financing and debt structure, cash management, and communications with the capital market. Mr. Sarid played a leading role in the acquisition of a controlling interest in British Israel and its merger with Melisron. Previously, Mr. Sarid served as CFO of Netvision in the period from the company’s IPO, through its merger with 013 Barak, and up to its acquisition by Cellcom. Ofir Sarid is a certified public account, holds a BA in economics and accounting from Haifa University and an LLB from Bar Ilan University.

Itay Kaplan

Head of Office Operations

Itay Kaplan serves as Head of Melisron’s office properties since December 2018. In this position, Mr. Kaplan manages and oversees Melisron’s marketing activities involving office and high-tech complexes. Mr. Kaplan has more than 25 years of experience in real-estate management of office and retail properties. In his previous positions, Mr. Kaplan headed ILDC’s shopping mall and shopping center operations, which has a controlling interest in the Seven Star Mall in Herzliya, among other properties. Mr. Kaplan also served as CEO of Isralom Properties Ltd., a property company that developed and leased office complexes in Israel and in Canada. He holds a BA and MA in economics from Tel Aviv University.

Ami Hiyut

Chief Engineering Officer

Mr. Amit Hayut has served as Chief Engineering Officer since 2017. He has over 24 years of experience specializing the construction management of complex engineering projects, office towers, shopping malls, high-end residential projects, museums, public buildings, and more. In previous positions, Mr. Hayut was headed the construction of the TLV complex, a development by Gindi Investments and Blue Square Real Estate on the site of Tel Aviv’s former wholesale market. This 350,000-sqm project includes a shopping mall, 750 housing units, public amenities and a park. Mr Hayut also served as Chief Engineer of Elbit Imaging and was involved in dozens of projects in Europe and Israel. Mr. Saris holds a BSc in Engineering and Business.

Guy Kasher, Adv.

Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary

Adv. Guy Kasher serves as the company’s General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary since 2011. Mr. Kasher is the head of the corporate legal department and is responsible of overseeing all legal aspects of the group's business and activity. Before joining Melisron, Mr. Kasher was a partner with the law firm of Weksler, Bregman & Co., and advised major Israeli entities and business groups such as The Africa Israel Group, The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd., The Intergamma Group, The Bronfman Fisher Group, Gottex Group, and others.